Where we work

Barrios Amethysts is located in the prestigious mines of Artigas, Uruguay. We own the largest territory of mines in the Catalán region of Uruguay, which is known by its rich supply of Amethyst and Agate. The minerals from this region are among the finest minerals around the world and are recognized mainly by three aspects: Color, Shape and Clarity.


What we do

Barrios Amethysts is a family run company specializing in mining, processing and exporting Agates, Amethysts and Citrine directly from the mines. We work hand-in-hand with our customers, suppliers and partners to ensure the best quality of the products. Today, we export mainly to Germany, China, Brazil and USA. 


Why we do it

A passion to discover unique minerals has inspired the Barrios Amethysts family during the last 25 years, and we have been always comitted to ensure the quality of the products without damaging the environment. We look forward to sharing with you the beauty that nature has to offer!! We love what we do!


When all started

Founded in 1992, Barrios Amethysts has been a growing family business for almost 25 amazing years now. Barrios Amethysts is a lifelong dream. From our humble beginnings, the family and the team successfully developed Barrios Amethysts into what it is today.